Thursday, 7 December 2017

My Ambassador Application

This is my ambassador application for 2018. My video is about myself, my family, my school learning and why I want to be an Ambassador. I really hope I will get chosen to become an ambassador because it will help my school learning and my confidence. My confidence is not that bad but I would love to see how my confidence will evolve during the year. If I become an ambassador I would be a role model to all my little sisters. I will also help them if they want to apply. I look up to my older brother because he became an ambassador. Now it is 2017 and next year my brother is a prefect which are the leaders of our school. My brother is the perfect person to look up to because he is confident. He can be shy sometimes but he still gives it a go. Hope you enjoy my movie!!


  1. Good lucky bubba, proud of you whether you get picked or not ox

  2. Awesome stuff wawa defitnely a shoe in, as for confidence you'll be alright your getting older and it's starting to evolve. Just keep doing what your doing you'll get there #GOGETIT

  3. Go Jahzara I believe in you whatever you do in life people would've been blessed to have met you.

    1. Thank you for your comment and god bless

  4. Awesome work Wawa! Excellent video and write-up. It expresses who you are, what you have achieved, and how you want to further yourself, very well. Good luck for your application niece :)

  5. Kia mau te wehi wawa nan and grand dad are so proud of your application and video. You are so confident and proud it shows. Whanau is one of your pillars for life and it is great that you mention them big granddad and Nan

  6. Super awesome job Jahzara!! Goodluck and I have faith you ll get it.. Well done bub.. Ofa atu ❤

  7. Lorrain Rongopai Hunn11 December 2017 at 21:50

    Wowww Jazarah, you are blossoming into a beautiful young lady. I have seen you put 100% into all your past achievements with confidence and am super proud of you. I loved watching your video and write up.
    Good luck with application.
    Love you my granddaughter ������

  8. What a clever, kind and loving young lady. A role model for all. Full of confidence and a smile to greet all. So so proud of you.