Friday, 15 March 2019

Where Is My Special Place In The Community?

Where is my special place in the community? Well, I have lots but, I can only choose one.
Do you have a special place?

I have lots of special places in the community but one of the most specialist place for me has to
be the netball courts! I know it may sound weird, but once you find out the reasons you’ll
understand. The netball courts has always been my personal favourite. I have many reasons t
o tell you why but, just give me a second to break them down in little parts……..

Now you may be wondering, why is the netball courts a special place for you? Well, here’s my
reasons. Since year 2 I have been playing netball right up to this very moment. I didn’t start
playing netball when I was a year one but, all I remember is that I loved the sport! I love the
thought of having a fun time with my friends, playing outside, in the fresh air and just having fun!
Hold on, you may be thinking that little kids are supposed to start off with playing netball inside,
well, like I said “I was a year 2 at the time and so I started outside.”

Another reason why the netball courts is a very special place to me is because, well I visit the
courts a lot! My mum has currently been playing netball and I have gone to watch her many
times! My parents are very strict with my netball playing and one day I believe I can become a
netball player just like my mum and even my dad. We like to practice netball while we get to my
games just a little early. They give me steps to becoming a better and more reliable netball
player! We love the sport and even like to have our own mini netball games. So, what i’m trying
to say here is, another reason why the netball courts is a very special place to me is because, I
get a little mum, dad and daughter bonding time at the courts and just love it so much!

Thirdly, the netball courts are super special to me because, I have played for the Pacific Cup
three times and each time I’ve had a fantastic time playing. I’ve possibly made more friends and
just had a blast with them! All the years while playing for Pacific Cup I have played with my best
friend Levonah, for the first year we played for Tonga which is half our nationality, I was a bit
shy and was still working on my skills. But, I got better throughout my games! The second year
we played for Fiji which is the other half of Levonah’s nationality. I was much better playing that
year but, there was still space for me to improve. The third year, which was last year, we played
for Tonga. Levonah did trail and make it into a team but, she hurt herself before she even got to

The last and final reason why the netball courts is a special place for me is because, there are
lots of memories there on those courts and I hope to never forget them. I have been playing
netball ever since was a year two and I never want that to change. I hope that we have a
fantastic and entertaining this year playing netball. All the best for all the players and especially
the coaches. I hope that we are able to have fun, and to make more memories. I know, for sure
that there are lots more to come.

I hope you have enjoyed reading why the netball courts is a very special place to me. I
want to know if you have a special place in the community. If you don’t, do you have one
around the world?

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