Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Egg Hunt And Big Fest

Yay, today we had a Easter egg HUNT!!

Yes I know it’s not Easter but we celebrated early. Today we had a big feast to celebrate Easter. If you wanted to know why we celebrate Easter check out my Easter presentation. Anyways talking about our big feast my Nanee and Pops came over followed by my 2 auntys 3 of my cousins and my uncle. I’ll get to the part where we had our Easter egg hunt but first I'll explain what happened.
First we waited for my aunty Hine to turn up, then a few moments later she walked through the door. After, mum told us to go upstairs and wait for my mum and dad to hide the Easter eggs and also wait for my cousin Peni to arrive. Moments later Peni had arrived then my Nanee and Pops had arrived after. So mum called us down to grab a plastic bag to start searching.
Now was the fun part, actually looking for the Easter eggs but we had some rules. 1. No pushing 2. No running and 3. You were only allowed to have 10 each. Then my mum shouted “3 2 1” and the search was on. The first place I looked was in my sisters room under her bed but unfortunately there was nothing. So I had a look on her window sill and 2 chocolate eggs fell out. I kept looking until I had 10.

After the hunt we had to wait for a while to have some food. Maybe 15-20 minuts dad called us to eat. These are some of the foods that we ate potato salad, steak, sausages and Lu. Lu is like some greens some meat followed by some coconut cream ( it’s really nice you should try it one day). Moments after dinner we had dessert which was trifle and ice cream. my mum's trifle is the best

Once we had finished our food my mum said that we were allowed to play hide and seek so we got ready for the game. After the game we finish the day off with a lovely and happy day. Thank-you Mum, Dad, Nanee Pops, aunties and uncle for making this wonderful day happen.

Happy early Easter everyone
Stay tuned for more holiday blog posts.


  1. What a great start to the holiday blogging Jahzara. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Hey Jahzara,

    What a amazing start to holiday blogging. Looks like you enjoyed a lot of it!

    Keep up the FANTASTIC work!