Thursday, 13 April 2017

Te Oro Recount

Wow, on Wednesday lots of people went to Te Oro!!

Starting the morning off very excitingly we got our chrome book out and did our work for a little amount of time. Then all of a sudden we hear Miss West call us to the mat. So the class put their chrome books away and listened to Miss west. Miss west said that she would split the people who was not coming to Te Oro in a different class. As soon as she split the class we sat down  at the porch to have morning tea.

Once we had our morning tea we went over to the hall and waited for the bus. Then the bus arrived (finally) so we hopped on and drove over to Te Oro. Inside Te Oro was These schools Somerville School, Tamaki Primary, Pt England, St Piers, Tamaki college, Glenbrae and more.

First we had a look at the top part of Te Oro. While we were going up the I saw these words going up the stairs, follow the dragon flies. I thought that was really cool and also thought that it was a project from the of the schools. Anyways we went upstairs and had a look at Somerville schools project. The Somerville schools project was about pests they had some objects what they could kill them with.

My favourite project was the St Piers project because it had some kind of mystery twist in it, they also explain how they got the pieces of bite marks on a piece of cardboard they also had pictures of what the bite might be like possums, rats and all kinds of bites.

After all that looking around we went back to the bus. After we got into class we played a very quit game. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

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