Monday, 3 April 2017

Untying The Human Knot


This is our morning.                

Starting the morning very silently, all of a sudden we hear Miss West. Miss West says that “we are going to play a game called untie the human knot” so she called us to the mat and we got straight into the game. Wait, I thought to myself. What is the human knot? Is it when we try to tie our arms together? Anyway, we went onto the mat and formed a circle.

Once we formed a circle Miss West put us in 3 groups. My number was 1. Once we were into our groups Miss West told us the instructions. These were the instructions. First put your right arm in the air and grab another person's arm. Once you do that you do the same with your left arm. Miss West shouts 1 2 3 then you try to untie the human knot without letting go of anyone's hand or forming into 2 groups.

Then she shouts “1 2 3” and all you could hear was laughter. I tried to say to Pisi to get under my arm but it was to hard. I couldn't even hear myself talking. We were the last ones who finished untying the human knot but we were in 2 groups! I was so mad at my teammates but we got another round and we kind of got the hang of it. I loved playing the human knot it was so much fun.  

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  1. Hi Jahzara,
    I can tell from your writing that you enjoyed yourself! Do you think you could add a photo or two of our experience?

    Miss West