Friday, 31 March 2017

Narrative Writing About The Environment

Ten years ago the world was always clean, but ten years after someone was polluting the earth and wasn’t looking after our environment. One day that person went over to the omaru creek and polluted the creek with detergent, paint and oil. Whenever she went somewhere everyone tried to catch her and her name, but only one person knew her name. It was her sister and the person who always pollutes is Lindy. The sisters name was Linzy and all this time Linzy keep Lindy's name a secret.

Sometime around the afternoon one day Lindy went to pollute the creek. While she was polluting the creek she heard a voice. That voice said “hey you look down” so Lindy looked down and saw a talking fish named kendal. The fish said “you better stop polluting this creek your killing all the fish” Lindy didn’t listen, but kendal was still talking he said that “you will regret this one day” but Lindy was too busy polluting.

Linzy came around and saw all the fish dead she said “this has gone too far” so she went home and had a little chat with her sister. Linzy said please stop polluting the creeks, Lindy said “why”  her sister replied “because you killing all the fish, how would you feel if we didn’t have any food to eat but the fish that you killed” Lindy also replied “you're right I should stop” so she stopped polluting.

The next day the world was happy and clean. Linzy was so happy for Lindy to give up polluting. It felt good to be in a happy clean world.

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