Monday, 7 January 2019


Day 3: Taking flight
Activity 2: Flying Foxes
On your blog, tell us what superpower you would like to have and why you’d like to have

What superpower would I like to have? Well, I would like to have the superpower time travelling.
Why? You say? Well, the reason why I want this power is because if I want to go back to a
memory then I could just (poof) time travel back. I also want to have the power to time travel
because if I want to know what happens in the future I could time travel there and time travel
back. My last reason why I would like this power is because if I have done something wrong,
again I could just (poof) time travel back and fix my problems and (poof) time travel back.

Portal to time travel

Please leave a positive comment down below and tell me what super power you want.


  1. Hi Jahzara

    Love the post I think you are doing a great job in the summer learning journey. I like you super power the power I would like would be the power to predict the future which is kind of like you.

    No offense Jahzara I think that maybe sometimes it's ok to make mistakes and learn the consequences because because we all learn from our mistakes and that's kind of what make us who we are!

    Again no offense and I love the post keep it up!
    Can't wait to see you at school

    Yours Sincerely

    1. Hi Zaeeda,

      Thanks for the positive comment. That's a awesome superpower to have. I would love to predict the future!

      Don't worry non taken, I think it is okay to make mistakes too. And I know if I ever do fix my mistakes it might just change who I am, and what my life would be like. Plus it does make us who we are so yeah!

      Thanks for your comment,

  2. Malo e lelei Jahzara ,

    Such a outstanding post today! Your super power is great! A portal to time travel would be so much fun. Just make sure on the way you don't get stuck like The Flash! My super power I would want would be getting unlimited wishes so I could wish for things and never run out of any.

    You doing such a great job this year Jahzara! Keep it up!

    Leilani :)

    1. Talofa lava Leilani,

      Thanks! I recon that having a portal would be fun but it wouldn't be fun if I even did get stuck in the portal or even in time. Wow, you watch the flash too? My family loves to sit and stare at the Tv as we all watch the screen turn into Barry and his lightning fast running!

      That's an amazing power! I wish I could have thought of that. Oh I guess I already have! (get it? I said I wish haha)


  3. Kia Ora Jahzara

    Time travelling would be a truly great power. Can you imagine all the evil events that have happened in history that you could change. You could also go back and top people polluting the ocean and streams before it got to the dire state that it is in now.

    If you could change one major historical even what would it be?

    I can't wait for your reply!


  4. Hi Izzy,

    Thanks for the comment. I chose that super power because like you said it could help the world now. I’ve been super busy. My cousins have been over and it’s just a lot so I will try my best to do some more blogging.

    If I could change one event in history what would it be? Well, I would like to change the way people treated each other. Like all the fights they had and all the shooting issues. The world should have been a better place and so can’t we make it one.

    Thanks for the comment