Friday, 25 January 2019

Differences and similarity's

Day 5: The sky's the limit
Activity 2: Adoption Day

I would most want to adopt the lion cup. Not only because they are cubs but because they are so cute. If I knew how to tame animals I would definitely like to tame a lion/lion cub!

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  1. Hi Jahzara,

    It's Leslie here, a member of the Summer Learning Journey team. I see that you've chosen three powerful animals to 'adopt' and you've created a great chart on which to present your information. Good for you!!

    Are you a cat-lover, by any chance? Perhaps you have a cat at home?

    I can only imagine what these cats would be like as pets!! They'd need a lot room in which to run, wouldn't they? Actually, I don't like to think of wild animals being penned up at all. I hope we can protect their environments so that they can continue to be valued animals on our planet!!!

    You've done a super job of this activity. I hope you've enjoyed being a part of the Summer Learning Journey this year and that you're really happy back at school now.

    Good luck this year!