Thursday, 24 January 2019

Day 3:ZIP [Zero Invasive Predators!]

Day 3: Taking action
Activity 1: Predator Free 2050–A Call to Arms
Task: On your blog, tell us which one of the videos you liked the best and why.
Videos of choice:

Predator Free Video #1: Cacophony Project
Predator Free Video #2: Taranaki Mounga Project
Predator Free Video #3: Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP)
After  I watched all of the videos, I knew straight away which video caught my eye. Video three
was more appealing to me as I understood it and enjoyed it too. I really enjoyed how a everyday
man, who admire’s and love’s the nature surrounding him.

He rapidly helps to get rid of possums or mostly predators that are harming our wildlife animals
and even some native plants. Now, they're working on getting rid of predators everywhere they
can find on their mainland. They hope that New Zealand will eventually get predator free before
the year reaches 2050. So by the year 2050 they hope that New Zealand will have no predators
and possums destroying our wildlife animals and plants too. While watching this video I also
enjoyed how they just sprang into action and didn't hesitate at all. They enjoy getting the job done
just like that.
Comment down below what you thought of this blog post and what video caught you in the eye!

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