Sunday, 20 January 2019

My trip to the hospital

Well, Hi there blog viewers. As you all read from the title, I went to visit the hospital. Last Wednesdays I had to stop eating from the moment the time hit 7:00 am. The reason why I had to stop eating at 7:00 is because I was going for surgery.

Well, how was I feeling? I was feeling terrified. I felt nervous and scared. Although some people may not be scared of having surgery, this was my first time! What was the surgery on? Well, I was having surgery on my tonsils. I was getting my tonsils taken out. Why? You may be thinking. Well, here's the reason. Each time I had gone to the doctor for something, like a sore throat, the doctor would always say that my tonsils are pretty big. Now according to them that's not normal for kids and so they had to get them checked. My parents sometimes say, ”that I do snore when I sleep”  and so they had to look through even harder. Later on I did have to get my tonsils taken out and that's when I ended up in the hospital.

So on Wednesday, I was given exact instructions to not eat after 7:00 and to only allowed to have clear fluids. I was also going to sleep there that night and so I did have to pack. In my bag I packed clothes, paper, pens, and some of my own supplies. That day I woke up early and ate breakfast. I had peanut butter and jam toasts. That was the last time I was going to be able to see food. Later on, me and my mum made our way down to the hospital and got checked in. I got shown my room, the playroom, bathrooms, and kitchen. First, we stayed outside the playroom, we drew and played games until it was time to go in for surgery. I was getting a bit tiered and so I went into my room and bad a bit of a nap.

A while later we got taken downstairs for my surgery. I got to go downstairs while laying in bed! My nurse Maddy took care of me during that day. She was really nice. She took me down, made sure I was alright and left to see me when I woke up. When it was time, I got taken into the room, where there was a lot of people. My mum came in with me, just to make sure I was alright. Once we entered the room I got placed on a bed and was put to deep sleep. The way I got put to sleep is, they inserted medicine into me that made me feel all droopy and sleepy. Well, they put me to sleep not how I pictured it. They stuck a needle into my arm then the medicine. I got told to take deep breaths so I wouldn't think about it. I took a few deep breaths and in the next second, I was asleep.

I don't have much to talk about because this is the part where I forgot everything except for waking up. I woke up feeling all sleepy. I heard a fading voice asking me if I wanted an ice block. I received an ice block from the nurse looking after me. The nurse called my mum and Maddy. My mum walked through the door along with my dad. I was still feeling a bit sleepy and so I didn't really notice. When I woke up I felt like I was dreaming. I felt dizzy and sleepy. A while after enjoying my ice block Maddy took me upstairs and provided me with another ice block. Because I was staying overnight my dad decided to stay with me, while my mum went home to look after my siblings.

I got taken to my room and finally had something to eat. I got to enjoy an extra cheese and meatball subway sandwich. My throat would have been sore but because the doctors gave me medicine to fall asleep my throat was feeling numb. After a while, my mum had to go and all there was left for me to do was sleep and try my best to recover.

Of course, I had an amazing first experience and hope to recover soon. As I just said I am still recovering and taking, medicine, but I know that super soon I will be fully recovered and up and running!

A big thanks to all the nurses that looked after me during my time in the hospital. I really do appreciate the work you have done not just for me but for everyone else too.


  1. Kia ora & Namaste Jahzara,
    I hope you are feeling better and that you are already back home! I am assuming that you were at the Starship Hospital, they do such an amazing job in there don't you agree? My daughter spent 6 days in there last year and by the end of it she didn't want to go home! :o) She just loved all the attention, the playroom and the fact that she could have ice-cream for dessert every day.
    Anyway, I hope you are recovering well and enjoying the last few days of your holidays.
    Kia kaha,

    1. Kia ora Patricia,

      Thanks, I;m feeling much better now. I am still a bit sick but feeling way better that before. Yes, I was at Starship hospital, level 5. Yes, I agree they do so much for kids and take care of them. That's so funny. I would have stayed at the hospital too, but I just wanted to go home and see my family.

      Thanks for the comment,

  2. Kia Ora Jahzara!

    It great to hear and see your still doing fine and hopefully when we get back to school you will feel much better! I can't believe that , that was your very first surgery! I haven't got a surgery so hopefully you were fine.

    Get better!


    1. Talofa Leilani,

      Thanks, I hope I am feeling better before school although I should be. Yea, It was very scary to go into that room full of people! Wow, you haven't gotten surgery before? At least i'm not the only one. Well, My sister, Eva hasn't either so has my dad.


  3. Hi Jahzara

    I am so happy to hear that you are okay and feeling happy. I know what it's like to have surgery because I had an operation on my nose. I am a little suprised that you came through and even wrote a post about it. But I know that you got to do what you got to do, I am also glad to see that you are still smiling and you are contuining to blog over the holidays!

    Keep up the good work!

    From Zaeeda

    1. Hi Zaeeda,

      Thanks for the comment. Wow, to be honest I recon having surgery on your nose is way worse than having it on your tonsils. Well, I don't know. How were you feeling? were you just as scared as I was. I actually wrote this blog post when I was still in the hospital. I was using my dad's phone. I was just really bored.


  4. Hi Jahzara,

    That was a well thought out recollection of your time in the hospital. I am very glad you are well on your way to recovery.

    Nga Mihi


    1. Hi mum,

      Thanks for the comment. I know that it did take a long time to recover but I just wanted to say, thank you for being there with me, like the rough times and the nervous times I was in. You just helped a lot, being there for me was super helpful!