Thursday, 24 January 2019

Traveling to Beijing, China (SLJ)

Day 1: Preserving the past
Activity 3: The Sky in Shanghai.

Here is my poem that I have created about travelling to Beijing, China. I tried my best to make sure it rhymed. I am proud of this poem because, it kind of tells the story of peoples live. Trying to fix the pollution is different countries and even people who has experienced problems like this. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post from today.


  1. Hi Jahzara,

    That was a fabulous poem. Maybe one day you could visit Beijing for real but only if the pollution problem is solved. Look forward to reading more of your blogs.



    1. Hi mum,

      Thanks for the comment. That sounds great, I would love to go and visit Beijing one day and hopefully you will find the perfect day. A day where there is hardly any pollution problems going on don't you think?


  2. Hi Jahzara,

    It's Leslie here, a member of the Summer Learning Journey team. I'm reading your blog from my wintry home here in Canada where the sky is blue and the snowdrifts are very high. I think dealing with smog on a day-to-day basis would be challenging!

    You've done a great job of creating a poem about how you'd feel visiting Beijing. Well done!! Hopefully smog isn't always present there. I suspect it depends on which the way winds are blowing, etc. But I've lived in a big city where smog could be a problem, Toronto, and it certainly wasn't fun! We never had to wear masks as the smog wasn't that thick, so I can only imagine how it would feel to be living in such a smoke-filled environment. Pretty difficult!

    Aren't we lucky that we live in places that enjoy clean, fresh air?!! I live in a little town in Ontario, surrounded by farms. We don't have the kind of industries that would be creating the kind of smog Beijing has to deal with. I hope that there will be some new technologies put in place to improve how Chinese industries deal with their toxic waste. Air pollution immediately affects those around the factories but all air pollution stays in the earth's atmosphere so it affects the whole world, ultimately.

    We have lots of projects to work on around the world, don't we?

    I'm so glad that you've chosen to be part of this Summer Learning Journey program and learn about these challenges. One day you may be an inventor and be part of the solution that is needed!

    Meanwhile, enjoy your new term at school. I hope you have good friends in your class this year and that you're happy with your teachers.