Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New years eve/Happy Birthday!

So today is new years eve! Not only that but is also my cousins birthday!

So what we are thinking of doing is (of course) staying up until the official new years day. We have invited over my nanee (mum's, mum) aunty, uncle and cousins over. We are thinking of doing fun activity's like, the egg and spoon race, the sack race and even spotlight. Before we start off any activity we are thinking of doing a light dinner. After dinner we are going to stay up late (till midnight). As for the next day it would be new years day! When we wake up we might have a small breakfast, then play some games!

So it is currently 11:46pm and we have already done most of our activity's and eaten dinner I have just enough time to blog for new years!

10  mins have gone past and we are almost starting the count down!

another 2 mins have gone past and it about time to start the count down.


I just want to say a big thank you to all of you reading for being right beside me and encouraging me to push myself. I'm really going to miss all the memories in 2k18, but I know that all those memories will be in my heart! I'm very excited for all the memories in 2k19!

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