Sunday, 13 January 2019

The seven sisters

Day 4: Like a scene out of a movie.
Activity 2: the seven sisters

Task: On your blog, write a short summary of the book. What was it about? Try to
summarise the story in 6-8 sentences

There once was a young man, who’s name is Mitai. Mitai lived with all seven brothers of
his in a village called, Maketu. Mitai was the youngest brother of his family. He was raised
by his kororua Tohunga Te Raiwhare which taught Mitai magic. Mitai could form into a bird and 
eavesdrop on his brothers conversations.

One day Mitai and his brothers went hunting on, pukemaire hill. Mitai and his brothers
came across the most beautiful singing that they've ever heard, they were despite to find 
out who was singing and where the singing was coming from. The brothers went off and 
found who the voice belonged to, it was a wahine (girl). As soon as they looked at the wahine
they all fell in love just in a snap of a finger. Well, all except Mitai. The brothers decided to 
bring the wahine back to their village, Maketu where they could become husband and wife. Mitai
did not like his brothers wives at all, as all they did was combing their hair and singing songs.
Instead of taking part of their village lives. All of Mitai’s brothers didn't go hunting but 
only left the Whare (house) to collect kai moana (seafood) for their wives. The wives didn't
eat the kai moana that the brothers provided them. The wives only wanted to eat something
that isn't kai moana.

Mitai's brothers eventually ate no longer, they no longer looked after their gardens or even  
care for their appearances. They became skinning and all their good looks became to
wash away. Mitai got suspicious of his brothers wives and watch them very carefully.
Mitai then saw that the wahine never agreed to leave there whare. Mitai's eldest brother
(Rongonui ) arrived home early from fishing. Rongonui yelled out for his wife and was no 
where to be found. After searching their whare Rongonui found that his other brothers wives
were no where to be found either. No one in the village had seen them either. A while after
Rougonui wife appeared. Rongonui asked his wife where she had been, Rongonui’s wife 
became into a terrible rage. Rongonui told all the wives how they just, vanished. Rongonui
was getting a bit worried but for Matai he became suspicion of the wives.


  1. Kia Ora Jahzara,

    As you probably already know I have finished everyone of the tasks on the SLJ site, and I am now blog commenting. Because I don't have that much things to do I felt like reading a bit of a story, and I found this on your blog. I loved reading each paragraph as all of them were done to perfection. The first paragraph sounds exactly like an introduction we will usually write at school, am I right? I really love how much details, effort and punctuation you have put in this, incredible work Jahzara. I think Mitai felt something very suspicious as soon as he met them, but It was crazier as he became more suspicious of them, How do you feel about this story so far? Overall wonderful post I absolutely loved it, keep up the awesome work and hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Kia ora Hinerangi,

      Well, as you can see I am a little behind on schedule. I am trying my very best to get all my holiday blogging finished but I have been very busy.

      This story was really the type to read. Well, not my story, the other one. I really did enjoy this and you are absolutely right. We write so many stories at school, and most of them are like this one.

      Maybe Mitai was feeling a bit suspicious of his brothers wives when he first met them but maybe he could of been jealous too. This story has been one of my favorite stories I have heard. I love the meaning behind it, and all the characters.


  2. Hi Jahzara!

    This is a great summary of the 'Seven Stars of Matariki'.

    Did you enjoy this story?
    I thought Miti was a pretty cool character - I have read a few different Matariki books but I think this one and the 7 kites of Matariki are pretty awesome! Have you read the 7 Kites of Matariki?

    Have you learnt much about Matariki in school?
    I know that when I was in school there was only 7 stars of Matariki but I heard recently that it is now counted as 9...
    I found this article here that talks a little bit about it:

    Great work with this activity Jahzara, ka pai!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)