Sunday, 13 January 2019

The crazy coulds

Day 4: like a scene out of a , movie 
Activity 3: Crazy, cool clouds.

Task: On your blog, tell us what you see in the photo. What shape(s) do you see? Be sure to tell us which picture (1, 2 or 3) you have chosen and describe what you see in lots of detail.
I have chosen image 1. before I get on to writing my story comment down below what you think this cloud looks like.

Hop little bunny, hop, hop, hop! That's right I think this cloud look like a bunny! This bunny is not any bunny but is a special bunny. It’s name is Tolie pronounce To-lie. Tolie is a boy bunny and loves carrots!  Tolie is a very fluffy bunny and is, very white like the colour of snow. Someone has taken a photo of Tolie, he is sitting with one had on top of the other and is near his face. His hands are near his face like, he is rubbing his button nose. His legs are folded, and on the side of him there sits his favorite food. Carrots! He keeps on looking to the side and tries so hard not to pick it up and, Munch down on it. He know if he doesn't eat that carrot he might receive another carrot at the end. 3, 2, 1 (click) First photo done for the day.  Tolie grabs the carrot then receives another from his owner. This photo is amazing, Tolie is going to become FAMOUS!

(3 days later)
Wow we have over 1 million views on this photo. Let's carry on with another photo shoot! Just over a week Tolie becomes famous and becomes a natural photo shooter.

(description): Well, I didn’t quit describe what shapes I can see,  but that's only because I can only see one. A bunny. I had nothing else to say and so I just wrote a story about the white fluffy bunny's life. I hope you enjoyed the photo shoot story. 


  1. Hey Jahzara

    What a awesome and great summer Leraning Journey
    work you did I liked they way you described
    about the bright cold air my most favourite part
    is when you wrote a lot and I mean a lot of words
    about air and It's mainly just a blank picture
    but I really enjoy reading you awesome work and
    just keep up the awesome good work you are doing
    and I hope you have fun over the holidays

    your sincerely

  2. Hi Jahzara!

    Great job with this activity - I really liked the story you told!
    I thought it was a very clever way of explaining what you saw in the clouds...
    I can also kind of see a kangaroo... can you see that too?

    I think Tolie sounds like an adorbale bunny with his little button nose and carrot - His owner is pretty lucky to get those great snap shots!
    Do you like taking photos Jahzara? What do you like taking photos of?

    Awesome work Jahzara - ka pai!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)