Wednesday, 27 February 2019

My favourite games!

This is a blogpost about games.

My favourite games (digital and non-digital) are:Image result for overcooked game
  • Cluedo
  • Monopoly
  • 2048
  • Speed (Card game)
  • Overcooked
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The reason/s why I enjoy playing these games are:
  • (Cluedo/Monopoly) Is very fun to play/with family. We always like to see who wins or loses.
  • Some of these games challenge your mind and also make you confused on which card to play, what your next move is and how fast you play.
  • (2048) It is educational, and it determines you by not knowing what move to make next!
Learning could be made much more fun and interesting if it included these elements of a game:
  • More things to think about (E.G more options to choose from)
  • Brian exercise (E.G to think of another way to solve this problem of a game or to find the easiest or the hardest way to solve)
  • Add in more fun objects to make sure that the game is not just going towards an educational way but is also educational in a fun way!

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  1. Malo lele Jahzara
    Your favourite games are amazing i wonder how you play overcooked 2 your blog is so Brilliant your favourite games are brilliant

    From Leah