Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Disaster pizza

Walt:Write a story using interesting beginnings.

Mr Goodwin sat down to order his first Deep Dish Pizza. Only the chef had something different in mind
for Mr Goodwin’s pizza. Instead of the usual ingredients like cheese, tomato, and ham. The Chef instead
used most of the spiciest chilies. First was ghost peppers, next was jalapenos and lastly was Tabasco sauce.
Once the chef finished making Mr Goodwin's special pizza he went out of the kitchen and gave Mr
Goodwin his pizza.While handing his pizza the chef said “why don’t you have a try” Mr Goodwin’s face
turned bright red he felt like something went wrong but he didn’t want to be rude so he took his first bite
and his face turned dark red!!He panicked “I need water, I need water!”

As Mr Goodwin went on and on and on he finally stopped and said “What did you put in my pizza?” The
chef answers It was a surprise check the bottom of your pizza box. On the bottom of Mr Goodwin's pizza
box it said “I used ghost peppers, jalapenos and Tabasco sauce as you base” Mr Goodwin got mad and
said “I am never going to buy pizza from this store again I’m not even going to pay you but I am going to
take this pizza and prank some of my roommates” He said with a grin on his face “maybe Mr Jacobsen”
He didn’t want to prank Mr Burt because Mr Goodwin was scared that he would lose his job. Mr Goodwin
left dramatically without paying. He drove to his hotel and started to search for Mr Jacobsen. At last he
found Mr Jacobsen, but before Mr Goodwin told Mr Jacobsen take a bit he told Mr Burt about the prank,
Mr Burt was on board and wanted to prank Mr Jacobsen too.

They both went to Mr Jacobsen and talked for a bit, then Mr Jacobsen took his first bite. But he knew
something was coming so he tore off a piece really fast and he pretended that it wasn’t really spicy. Mr
Goodwin and Mr Burt were confused at first but then they said "let me see your pizza," then He gave his
pizza to Mr Goodwin, but Mr Burt and Mr Goodwin were even more confused. A while after Mr Goodwin
took another bite and his face turned dark red again. He screamed and then went to get milk, a while after
Mr Jacobsen laughed. Minutes later he got over himself and said “H...O….W is that not spicy. Mr Jacobsen laughed again and said “I didn’t even take a bite” as he went on and on. Finally Mr Goodwin learnt his lesson to never prank a teacher again. Although his mouth is still burning from all that spice.

Task Description:

In this piece of writing I have written a story about a Deep Dish Pizza. Room 7 had to use descriptive language and we also had to use interesting words. We had to write about Mr Goodwin in Chicago. Mr Goodwin gave us a beginning and room 7 got to chose a starter to start writing.


  1. Hahah! This is such a good story Jahzara. You've done a great job of structuring this narrative, and have thought it through from beginning to end. I would love to see you add a picture of my face going "dark red" haha - Maybe whip something up using Hyperstudio?

  2. That's one funny story alright. My favourite part was when Mr Jacobsen didn't even try the pizza. Hmm remind me to watch out if I ever go to that restaurant. Keep up the writing. That story was cool.

  3. Great story Jahzara. You have researched pizza and obviously understand Mr Goodwin’s tastes. You also have accurately shown how hard it is to trick Mr J. I’m interested to read your sequel about Mr J’s revenge.

  4. Love the story Jahzara, really enjoyed Mr Goodwin trying the spiciest pizza Hahahaha. By Jahzara
    From Eden

  5. Lovely story Jahzara! I really love how you can describe Mr Goodwins taste, I hope to see more storys like this Thanks!