Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Matariki Day Recount

Do you know what Matariki is? Well Matariki is a celebration of a Maori new years, Each year people set off firework to celebrate like always. This year Pt England school split up into different groups to celebrate Matariki.

A couple of days before we selected what group we wanted to be in. We had a lot of options, one of the options that I really wanted to be in was movie making. Somehow I didn’t  chose a group. On that Friday we did the normal thing and got sent off to our groups, because I didn’t choose a group I had to see Mr Somerville. I begged him to be in movie making with Mrs Langitupu and I got to be in that group.

Once I arrived at ICT witch was where we did movie making, Mrs Langitupu split all her students into groups for filming. I got split up into a group of 5 and we got to film all around the school and asked people what they did so far. First we went to MKR (My Kia Rules), we asked a bunch of questions to a couple of people. We went to most of the cooking groups first but then we decided to go to one of the sports group. We interviewed Mr Moran and He talked so much so we had to cut some of him out.

After filming we went to go have morning tea and there was a crazy people, after morning tea we went back to our groups. We did the same thing and went around the school, interviewing people. We asked the same simple questions and we got a lot of the same, silly, and crazy answers. The group that I really enjoyed interviewing was one of the arts and craft group. They were painting a background and you could have it any way you would like. Then they cut out some paper stars and decorated it with glitter, drawing and much more.

Overall I had a really fun day. I loved going around the school, interviewing people and filming. The best part was that I got to be in charge of the camera! Have you ever celebrated Matariki like this? If you have please leave a comment down below and share what you did!

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