Friday, 22 June 2018

Fun Writing

Walt:Write a fun piece of writing.

There we were getting ready to line up for assembly. Minutes later we walked into the the hall and sat down. Suddenly Mr Burt appeared and talked about the new korero for this week. This week Mr Somerville had the korero ready for the whole school to see. The korero was about Being sensible in the right time. Mr Somerville had an act to show. Seconds later he sat down on the stage stair with a microphone near him. All you could hear while sitting down was silence, until all the students laugh, and laugh, and laugh till they all run out of breath. Mr Somerville shouts at the top of his lungs, “WHO DONE THIS!!!” He says. All the students stop laughing and see that someone has put a whoopee cushion under his seat! They all laugh again and again and again. Nobody knows who put that whoopee cushion on the stage stair, and this case will be forever unsolved. TO BE CONTINUED…….

Task description:

In this task we had to write a fun piece fun writing. Each student from room 7 reading got to complete a form. We had to include our names, a character, a problem and a setting. Once we completed that form Mr Goodwin would get a email and will pick a topic for his students.

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