Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Little red riding hood (with a twist)

Little sisters and halloween
Once in a land far far away there lived two girls and a mother. They don’t live to far away from their
granny but it was halloween. Their village was filled with scary decorations. Even though their forest was
filled with beautiful plants and  cute animals you never know what could happen.The 2 girls were sisters.
The first sister loved the color red, her name is Sophia, but the second sister love the color purple and he
name is Isabella. Their mum would call them little red riding hood and little purple riding hood. Each day
they would always wear a cape with there favorite color

One day it was halloween and their mother wanted to send them off with some food to their grandma’s
house. So she called their grandma and it went straight to voicemail. “Oh Well the mother said. I'm going
to have to do a voicemail” “Hi Granny the grand children will be coming over later today.” Little red riding
hood and little purple riding hood got dressed into their halloween costumes and set off to granny's house.
Before they both left their mum handed them a basket full of treats and said “don’t stop walking and never
talk to any strangers.” Little red riding hood and little purple riding hood started traveling to their granny’s

The Mystery
The forest was filled with lovely flowers and even cute animals. Some of grannies best friends are up to
something and no one knew what was happening. Granny’s friend the wood chopper distracted Sophia
and Isabella and said to them both “Look, Look at the lovely flowers why don’t you pick some flowers”
Little red riding hood replied “No sorry we don't have time, My mum said that we can’t talk to any strangers.
We need to get to our granny’s house.” The wood chopper panicked and no one knew why he said “I’m sure
your granny would love to have some beautiful flowers in her house” Sophia and Isabella both wondered
“Hmm Maybe she would” So for a few minutes they went picking for some flowers for their granny. While
picking flowers the wood chopper snuck out and ran off. Once Sophia and Isabella finished picking flowers
they bundled them up and walked once more.Finally Sophia and Isabella arrive at granny’s house. It was all
decorated for halloween. They both knocked on the door and said ”Granny we’ve come to deliver some food
for you”  “come in come in the door is open” Granny said

The arrival
Sophia opened the door and saw granny lying there in her bed. Covering her face with her blanket“Hi
Granny It’s nice to see you” Isabella said. Granny slowly uncovered her face and said ”it’s nice to see you
too” Sophia jumped and said “Granny, what big ears you have” Granny said “the better to hear you” slowly uncovering her face. Sophia said with a soft voice“But granny what big eyes you have” “The Better to see you with” granny said still uncovering her face. Sophia and Isabella frigtenly said” “but granny what big teeth you have” Granny replied “of course the better the eat you with” Sophia and Isabella screamed!! While granny laughed taking off a wolf mask saying “Happy halloween” all her friends jump out saying “happy halloween to Isabella and Sophia. They were both confused and quite frightened. Granny said “Once i got the voicemail from your mother I've been setting up a little halloween gift for you both. Like the wood chopper he distracted you while I was getting ready. My house was already decorated and all I had to do is put my mask on”

As they went on with their party they had a awful lot of fun and the best halloween. They all had something to eat and Sophia's favorite was granny lemon cake. Isabella's favorite was the mini mince and cheese pies. All granny's friends danced along with granny and as they dances  Sophia and Isabella started to walk back home. As they walked back home Sophia and Isabella talked. did you have fun?” Sophia said. Isabella replied “I had heaps of fun and it was probably the best halloween I’ve ever had” and they talked away they made it back home all safe and sound.

The End

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  1. What an awesome twist to an old classic Wawa. I love it.