Friday, 20 November 2015


Everyday if it's a sunny day we go out for P.E. Miss Va’afusuaga always sets it up there are hops, cones, balls, cricket bats targets and things to throw. Sometimes she sets P.E. up with Mr Moran we do P.E. with years 3 and years 4.

We play games and some of the games are rob the nest, rounders and cricket. We had to practice throwing overarm and underarm. We have rotations. There are five different games. On one of the games we had seven different things to throw at the target. We have class point. If you hit a target then you won a class point. We practice and practice our throwings at P.E.

My favourite game is rob the nest because I like stealing other people's balls. Every time at P.E. I felt extremely excited. Some of the games are difficult. I love to practice throwing. If I run too fast and I get extremely hot. The most best thing that I like in P.E. is that we have fun. I love trying my best in sports. I love it because we all work as a team. We all get fit all the time. P.E is so cool  I want to do P.E. everyday. I hope it would be sunny every single day so  we can do P.E. everyday.

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