Friday, 20 November 2015

Manaikalani film festival

On Wednesday the whole class went on an adventure to silverpark. We had to get to school early but I had to get to school even earlier. Some of the people went on a bus but some of the people went in a car. I was one of the people who went in a car. The only reason I went in a car was because I was a presenter and I had to practice my lines. Marika came in the same car as me because she was one of the presenter is well. The Tamaki college school had to walk to the train station and go on a train to silverpark. It was excited because it was my first time being a presenter and because I got to sit in the front seat, the screen was massive. I got to practice in the theater with loud microphones.

When the presenters walked in the the theatre I saw a swarm of chairs. No one was sitting in the chairs because the presenters came earlier than the other classes, that's only because we had to practice. When I sat in the chairs it felt like I was sitting in a marshmallow. The screen was humongous. It was taller than Mr Blakey and it is bigger than a dinosaur. The sound was so loud I couldn't hear myself talk. We went in the extreme theatre. All of the presenters got to sit in the front row. The theatre was dark I couldn't see anyone from the back to the front.

We watched movies made by our school on the enormous screen the movie I liked the most was freedom. I liked Freedom because I would want to have a little freedom. I liked all of the other movies is well. I was impressed by all of the people who made the movies. It was cool being a presenter. When all of the movies were finished I went on a bus with the seniors. I was tired.

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