Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Term 2 Reflection.

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In Term 2 yr 5&6 extension got to do all crazy things. We did the 40 hour famine, went to the Auckland museum and did our first 2018 Paideia seminar. I had lots of fun doing the 40 hour famine because I had a great time hanging out with my friends. I loved going to the Auckland museum because I loved seeing all the culture items there. I also loved going to different exhibitions. In the Paideia seminar I had lots of fun, I loved expressing my confidence. I think I was way more confident this year and I think I have improved a lot from last year. One of my favorite highlight was actually doing the 40 hour famine. A lot of people turned up and got to help South Sudan. I raised $150 the most money I've ever raised. I have done a lot of research on how a bird flies I have also completed my Talanoa DLO. I had lots of fun this term

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