Monday, 7 May 2018

The Bad Guys

Just recently I read a book called the Bad Guys (attack of the
Zittens) (Episode 4). The story is about a group of Animals trying
to defeat a whole lot of zittens. Zittens are zombie kittens and are
very dangerous. They are so cute and fluffy but as soon as you
know it they will try to eat your face of. The bad guys are
actually good guys and are the heroes of the story. The Villans name is Mr Marmalade.

I really enjoyed this book but however it was a bit to easy for me.
I enjoyed this book because it had creativity and is so fun to read.
The characters are funny and silly to others. In some bit of this
story it made me wonder what will happen next or what is he
going to do.

One of my favorite character in the story is Chicho which
I think is a shark. He is probably one of the most funniest
character in the story!

You must be thinking did the bad guys Defeat the Zittens? Well they did  There was an antidote which involved a lot of ingredients. At the end of the story Mr Marmalade congratulated the bad guys but had a little surprise. Which will tell you more information in the next episode (episode 5).

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