Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Term 2 Animation

Walt: Create a movie including facts about how a plane can fly

Task Description:
In this animation I had to add facts about how an air plane flys and explain the four forces of flight. It took me a while to get some graphics done and detailed but I got it done eventually. The trickiest part of this animation had to be the writing for my voice over because it took me a while to understand the forces of flight and make sure my facts were true. The easiest part of my animation had to be the animating because I've animated lots of animations before and so I have lots of experience using hyperstudio. Hope you enjoy!

Below is my completed rubric for my animation:

1 comment:

  1. Awesome job with this Jahzara! I have just rewatched your animation and am blown away by how clearly you have explained the 4 forces of flight. Well done!