Friday, 8 July 2016

6 Thinking Hats

How I feel about my artwork or the whole process.

Creating my artwork I felt really proud because when I got home I told my mum and dad all about my painting and they were really proud of me. I’m  also proud because it took us all four weeks to get our painting’s finished and perfect and that's what I did.
What did I enjoy most of all or what was the best thing about my painting.
I loved painting the most because I got to see all of the lovely neon paint on my picture. I also got to switch colours when I was finished with the first two colours that I used.
What did I find hard or I didn’t like.
The hardest thing was when I saw something little I tried to paint inside but I kept going out of the lines. I also tried not to miss any spots on my picture to paint.
How can I do my art better next time?
Next time I could look back at my painting and think about all of the detail and draw that the next time. I also could do different building instead of the same buildings over and over again.
What was the most interesting thing I did or my friends did.
The class used paint but Eden used dye because her detail was to little. Eden’s picture was still beautiful and it turned out to be really colourful. also everyone's painting was beautiful too.
What did I learn most about?
I learnt how to be patient when the paint  wasn’t free for me to use. Also I learnt how to achieve and participate anywhere you go and in anything you do.

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