Friday, 19 February 2016

Lost in the forest

On a nice and hot day a group of friends went to the playground by the scary forest to play volleyball. They set the game up and played. A girl who’s name was Lizzy was the leader and hit the ball hard that it went into the scary forest. Lizzy went to fetch the ball and turned out to be lost. She felt scared.

When she new that she was lost Lizzy sat down and she fell. Lizzy was in quicksand. Lizzy thought. There was a branch up a head of her so she thought if she can grab on to the branch she might get out of the quicksand. So she try and she got out of the quicksand.

Lizzy realised that she had a phone in her pocket so she grabbed it and looked how much her phone was charged and it was only ten percent so she quickly called her mum to go find her at the scary forest and she did. Lizzy felt happy.

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