Monday, 19 February 2018

I've Made A Friend Thats An Egg....

WALT: structure a recount.

Today I made a friend.  Well not a real friend, but an egg friend…..

Have you ever had an egg friend before?

Today I thought we were going to sit in class and do some boring literacy, but we did something fun. This morning Mr Goodwin took some egg cartons out with some vivids, “Today we will be making friends” said Mr Goodwin. Friends? I thought to myself, but how?  I looked over at the eggs and vivids then said to myself we’re not making real friends but we will be making egg friends, I thought that was pretty funny. Mr Goodwin gave us an example of what we will be doing. He took out an egg from the egg carton and drew a face on the egg. Mr Goodwin asked “who has a name for my little friend” Marika yelled out  “Bob” the class was laughing on the floor with joy.

As we went on Mr Goodwin each gave us an egg, then the class drew a face on their egg. After the class drew their face on their egg we lined up safely outside. I made sure I didn’t drop or throw my egg. I was in intimated to throw my egg friend up in the air, but if I did I knew that there would have been a chance of me dropping my egg. Mr Goodwin lead us to the park. Luckily no one dropped their friend.

Once we got to the park Mr Godwin took pictures of us and our friends then gave u a task. “Go from one end of the park from the other” Said Mr Goodwin, “you can not put your friend in your pocket you have to carry it in your hand” we all sighed. 3,2,1 go, We raced fast but careful. I felt super scared because I didn’t trust myself I knew I was going to drop my friend, but I didn’t. I was pleased with myself because I did not crack my egg. Once I finished I lined back up and saw some people disappointed and laughing at themselves because they have cracker their friends.  I even saw one person crying because he dropped his friend. He must have wanted to be eggcellent at this task. Eggcellent, Get it.

Overall I think this was a fun way to start off my day.  It was fun, silly, crazy and funky. I recommend your class do this sometime because it is great fun.

Task Description:

Room 7 had to Create a recount about our egg friends and explain what we did. We had to describe what we were feeling and use our expressions in our recount. We all had to explain why or why not we liked this experience.

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