Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rubric reflection

Hmmm is my Score what I expected? My rubric score for term 2 was very amazing. I worked very hard and I didn’t get what I expected. I thought my score would be a little bit lower that I thought, but I was wrong. You might be asking why my rubric score was amazing? Well on our planning/research we worked very hard as a group and we all did our very best to research about costumes, makeup and hair. We almost got a perfect score but I think we could have pushed our group just a little more. On the forum/Panel Discussion I was so amazed because I was the only one who contributed more than my other group members. Last term I was below them and now i’m higher, if I just push myself a little more I can become louder and maybe I won’t be as shy as last time.

In the next seminar my goal would keep sharing my thoughts and my work to others and to piggyback off others.

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