Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maui and the sun

A long time ago there was a man called  Maui. Maui saw the sun going fast so Maui and his brothers  didn't have any time to eat, hunt or fish. So Maui said to his brothers, "let's try to slow the sun down." His brother's laughed. We can't slow that burning sun down. Maui said,"we can slow that hot sun down." The brothers said, "what do we use to slow it down when we have no rope." Maui had an idea, he saw a plant called flax. We can make ropes with flax. When they finished they all hid behind the enormous rocks making a plan. Then Maui said," when I say 1,2,3 jump up and put your rope's around the sun." "1,2,3," shouted Maui. They all jumped and put their ropes around the sun. The sun said, "stop stop can't you see I'm nearly dead." Maui said,"let him go." Then they all let go. The the sun went slower this time, so Maui and his brothers had heaps of time to eat their food. and had more time to hunt and even time to fish. 

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