Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Kiwiana Ext ~ 2020 Term 4


(Art Collectors) Extension Group 2020


This term we looked into a lot of art purposes. The theme is ' Art Alive ' I was in a group with Toby and Jedida. Our group was called the ' Art Collectors.' we looked at things like ' what do art collectors do ' ETC. As part of out DLO we also had to create a piece of art that shows Kiwiana. Enjoy the slides above:) 

Jane, Oalii, Jahzara ~ Polynesians ~ Extension 2020

In this slide we researched a lot about different countries in the Polynesian area. Our school wide theme was ' A world Of Difference. ' Basing it off any country other than New Zealand. Although we were allowed to look at different areas in Nz. Oalii, Jane and myself worked very hard to get these slides done and also did our part in customising the slides too! :) 

Pauline, Valessa & Jahzara ~ Extn Term 2 2020

As part as the last term and session of extension we have been told to post our research slides if we haven't already. This is from way back, in term one. We were researching ' The Living Earth.' Like always, we got split up into groups of 5 or 6 and base our research off whatever group we're in. We looked at things like the weather.  I was in a group with Pauline and Valessa. Unfortunately, we were in lockdown at the time of completing these slides but we still managed to get our work done!

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Kei hea a ? ~ Te Reo Maori ~ Rotations

 Walt: To say where someone is

Task Description:

In this slide, our group ( rua ) for rotations learnt  a few landmarks in new zealand in Maori. Then for the create task we had to find our own landmarks and place it into a slide. 

Monday, 23 November 2020

Solubility ~ Maths

 Walt:  make accurate measurements using a variety of measuring equipment

Task Description:

Today in class we split up into different groups and did a bit of experimenting. We discovered how much sugar would dissolve in 100ml of water.