Friday, 10 July 2020

Winter Learning Journey ~ Extra Activity - Text mesage!

Extra - Text message
If you were given the ability to text one message today to all people of Aotearoa - what would it be? NO more than 10 words!

Write in screen here, take a pic and post on your blog to end your first week of our Winter Learning Journey.


So many people get told their not good enough. I do not tolerate bullying and so I'm here to say that you are good enough. In my eyes and the Lords! We're all amazing people and no one should ever have to feel they have limits. I really enjoyed the first week of the Winter Leaning Journey with team 5 Students and Teachers! See you next week :/

Winter Learning Journey ~ Activity 5 - Quotes :)

Create a poster that shows 3 key quotes you have heard your parents/whanau say since your return to school in level 2.

These will be quotes - sayings that you find helpful from your whanau!

Post on your blog with a written explanation for each quote.


Just an extra activity! I love sharing quotes as some are very inspiring to me and/or to others! These are the quotes/sayings my family and I have been saying to each other since lock down and also way back in time. Be kind everyone!  

Winter Learning Journey ~ Activity 4 - Good as!

Activity 1:
In this activity you are to

1. Create a profile of a favourite Kiwi sports star of yours (name age, sports background, culture, education history, accomplishments to date)

2. Write similes about this sports star

3. Publish both pieces on your blog!

Jonah was as fast as a cheetah and was as tough as a Lion. He Had a beautiful blessed heart like an angle and a smile as big as an emoji. Jonah stood out like Joseph and his unique coat (Genesis 37-50). He was as lovable as a kitten and bloomed like a sunflower. He gave everyone excitement like being able to move down to Covid 19-Level 1!

Today was one of my favourite activities so far. I was able to connected to this task and also had a lot of fun! I enjoyed writing about Jonah Lomu and enjoyed learning more about him! I don't actually have a favourite Kiwi Sports Star so I asked my dad who his favourite New Zealand sports star is! I knew Jonah as a amazing rugby star but I didn't look into his back story as much. So I'm glad I participated in this task today :)

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Winter Learning Journey ~ Activity 3 - Fast as!

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is a world famous athlete (sprinter). She currently holds the record for the 100m sprint and has been crowned “world’s fastest woman” a record four times!

Shelly-Ann was born and educated in Jamaica, a small country in the Caribbean that has produced many successful athletes and sportspeople. During her college years she did well in athletics, winning the Jamaican Schools Championships at the age of 16. She subsequently went on to win many races at both the Olympics and the World Championships. Over the years people have compared her running speed and that of other elite sprinters, like Usain Bolt, to many things, including animals!

When people make these comparisons, they often say things like: “Shelly-Ann is as fast as a cheetah” or “Shelly-Ann is fast like a fighter jet”. These comparisons are examples of similes. In many cases, similes are not exactly true.
Activity 1: Faster than a speeding bullet

For this activity, please create four new similes. You can use the starters below or you can make up your own.

… is as fast as… (eg: The brand new Ferrari is as fast as a lightning bolt)

… is as tall as…

… is as small as…

… is beautiful like...

On your blog, share the similes that you have created with your readers.

1: He is as fast as a Cheetah 
2: She is as brave as a Lion
3: She's is beautiful like and angle
4: The sun is like a burning flame in the sky


Another amazing activity! I was suppose to do this task yesterday but I was kind of busy :) Can't wait to do the next activity! See you guys tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Winter Learning Journey ~ Activity 2 - Tusitala

In this activity we got the chance to describe a well known character, BFG aka the Big Friendly Giant. We were also able to draw a picture of the big friendly giant. But since I've seen the movie and character many times it's hard to unsee what he looks like. I tried to draw him but every time I do it looks quiet the same :(  This activity was very fun :) Listening to David read was very entertaining, seeing the expressions he uses :) This is actually, activity 2 but since I couldn't blog yesterday I decided to do it (also) today.

Winter Learning Journey ~ Activity one! - Explore your roots :)

Exploring your roots: Taika Waititi is a New Zealand filmmaker, director, actor and comedian. He has produced and/or directed a number of popular films including “Boy,” “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” and “Thor: Ragnarok.” As a child, Taika Waititi lived in Raukokore (a small town on the East Coast of New Zealand). When he graduated from secondary school Taika moved to Wellington to study drama at Victoria University. Despite moving away from home, he has never forgotten his family or his roots (where he comes from).

Speaking of roots, Taika comes from a culturally diverse family. His dad is Māori (Te Whānau-a-Apanui) and his mother is Russian-Jewish. I, on the other hand, am Pākeha (New Zealand European). Most of my ancestors come from England. When I talk about who I am, and introduce myself to others, I sometimes use a pepeha.

For this activity, we would like to create your own pepeha. You can write the pepeha in any language that you wish. If you need some help, please visit this pepeha website or use this template.


Happy holidays! Today was the first day to be able to join in on the Winter learning Journey. Today's first activity was to learn and share our pepeha! I have a few pepeha but the pepeha I used is from my grandmother's side. I learnt my pepeha around last year but every now and then it's a good idea to go back to it :) I was actually think of just posting normal blog posts of daily diaries, etc. But I find this more interesting. More activities coming your way Team 5 teachers! Enjoy :)

Friday, 3 July 2020

Water Cycle Animation :)

Task Description:

This is my Term 2 animation. This term we looked at different things happening in the world. We had to choice to choose which one to base our animation off. I chose the water cycle! We were tasked to animate the water cycle and explain how it works with a voice over. We then had to edit it on Imovie and publish it on our blogs. I just got it done in time for it to be marked :) Lovely! Enjoy the ending too :) Very special!